Stories Specs

Frame Dimensions

Design Requirements


<5 Frames

Total Story Length

<25 Seconds

File Size


Picnic will compress assets to hit file size requirements.


The header design is fixed. Picnic will add advertiser's logo and brand name to the header.

Progress Bars

Do not add progress bars to designs. Format will automatically add correctly styled (based on number of frames) animating progress bar.

Tap Out Button

Bottom bar button is on all frames, is semi-transparent, can be any colour and have any text.


Sliced JPEG, PNG delivered in Retina Sizes

Layered PSD

Asset Dimensions

320x440 (exported as double resolution, 640x880, for higher quality imagery)


- Each frame can contain standard 'display banner' animations

- Animations will be built in AMPHTML. Please check with Picnic to confirm feasability of design.

- If requesting animations please provide Picnic with designs in PSD format.